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Write1Sub1 Week #41 Check-In

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday is Write1Sub1 Weekly check-in day. I'm posting updates on my short fiction output here as well as over on the main Write1Sub1 blog.

This week I wrote some things and submitted some things.

Written :
  • A Box of Photographs (short story)
  • Why The Dog Didn't Die (SF, flash) 
  • An Infinite Loop (5x5)
Submitted :
  • A Box of Photographs (short story)
Accepted :
  • Kinda none.
Published :
  • GSOH (Seedpod)
  • Introductions (Seedpod)


  1. reading an earlier posting of yours, did you ever decide re MA in Creative Writing and your career?

    I have been stuck with those very thoughts. Now, of course, MAs are very expensive in the UK so maybe that has made up my mind for me.


  2. Hi, Yusuf,

    No, I never decided. I haven't started an MA yet and I'm still in two minds about it. As you say, it's expensive - in money and time ...

    Thanks for dropping by.


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