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Fifteen SF Haiku Published In Scifaikuest

Monday, 7 November 2011

I'm delighted - and somewhat surprised - to report that I'm the featured poet in the print edition of this month's Scifaikuest magazine. Fifteen of my SF haiku are published in issue 34 of the magazine. Definitely the most number of works I've had published in a single day ...

I confess, also, that before I discovered Scifaikuest I didn't know there was such a thing as SF haiku and and had never written any. Pleased I did now!

Here's one of the fifteen :

ten trillion trees
lash to the windblown rumour
machines from the sky

I've also got further haiku appearing in the magazine next year and in 2013.

Have you ever written haiku or one of the various similar formats? As you'll know, the point of haiku is to capture a moment of realization or enlightenment, often involving a reference to nature or the seasons. I find they're a wonderful thing to "write" when I'm not writing - when I'm out walking, driving, whatever. Why not give them a go? They can be strangely compulsive ...


  1. Outstanding news, Simon. To be the featured poet is an honour.

  2. Thanks, Deborah. It certainly is!

  3. So cool, Simon! And...we get to be ToC mates. =]

  4. Milo, thanks - and, yes, it seems to be quite a hang-out for W1S1ers!

  5. Congratulations, Simon! A featured poet - wow!

    I have a horrorku coming up in their Oct/Nov 2012 print issue and I had a haiku in Haiku Journal awhile back. I hadn't written any haiku since school but I really enjoyed writing those and hopefully will continue to write them. :)

  6. Congratulations. This news is awesome! You deserve the success.

  7. Madeline - thanks, and congrats on those. I hope you do continue writing them.

  8. Congratulations! :) That's awesome.

    I've never written haiku. It sounds like it would be an interesting thing to try sometime, though.

  9. THanks, Golden Eagle. I'd really recommend giving them a try.

  10. Congratulations Simon - that's fantastic news!

  11. 13 haikus, wow!
    must be a guinness record!
    Simon K you rock!

    Take care

  12. Old Kitty! You win the prize for commenting in haiku form! Many thanks.

  13. Incredible, Simon!

    You, Milo, and Deb are like my publishing idols. You guys are everywhere!

  14. Thanks Joe - high praise indeed.


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