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The One Thousand, One Hundred and Eleven Gates to Faerie Published by Kaleidotrope

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kaleidotrope is a magazine for people who "dig Martians, robots, and people with melting heads" I mean, what's not to like?

Delighted to report that my (urban?) fantasy story The One Thousand, One Hundred and Eleven Gates to Faerie has been published over there in Issue #13. This is a bittersweet tale of love, loss and Faerie. Plus it has a nice bit of swearing in it.

He struck a match. It was then that he saw it. It was lying on the ground next to the bins amid squashed tomatoes and the bones of fish. He thought it was just some toy at first. There was blood though. One of its wings was gone, trodden into the mud. Something, a rat maybe, had been chewing at its side. It was dressed in stained white armour, a half-moon symbol on its chest. The other fairy he had seen had been beautiful, all moonlight and ice. This one was a mess.

PS. It's obviously NaNoWriMo just now. I'm not taking part, but I'd like to take my hat off to those of you who are. I mean, I don't actually have a hat, but if I did, I'd take it off to you ...


  1. Congrats, Simon -- another cool title! I haven't subbed anything to Kaleidotrope in a while, despite the warm rejections. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thanks Milo. Another long title! Longer than some stories I've written ...

  3. Hooorah!!!! Well done you!! Last year you wore a christmas hat! Yay! take care

  4. And I shall wear that Christmas hat again, never fear ...

  5. Well, I'm sold :) Over a hundred stories in this issue . . way cool. I was noticing your stats; looks like you've been published a lot. Congratulations.

    I'll let you know if I liked your story :)


  6. Thanks, Donna - hope you enjoy it.

  7. Congratulations, Simon :)

    That looks like a great story and a great zine.

  8. Congratulations, Simon! Looks like another fantastic story. Keep it up!

  9. Many thanks, Lydia and Stephanie!


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