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Couple of SF Microstories and a Nice Review

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A couple of Twitter-length SF story publications to report, both at Trapeze. First Steps saw the light of day on March 16th and V2.0 today.

I also came across this review of my SF short story Live from the Continuing Explosion over at today. In fact it's not so much a review as a 1000 word essay. I'm seriously dumbstruck that the author - Julie Duffy who runs the StoryADay scheme - has gone to so much trouble to analyse and dissect my tale. It's a weird and wonderful experience. Thank you, Julie.

Julie had one main criticism - she wished it had been a novel rather than a short story. Damn, people keep saying that ...


  1. Loved First Steps!!

    Take care

  2. Wow! that review is quite a compliment, Simon.

  3. Thanks, Old Kitty. Glad you liked it.

    Thomas - I know. I'm delighted by it.

  4. That review is great.

    I sometimes get readers saying they want more, especially with flash. It can be surprising when you think the story is complete.

    But I think it's a compliment. They liked it, they wanted more, that's great.

  5. Deborah - It can be surprising. Surprising, too, what readers pick up on. I swear I wasn't aware of all those clever things Julie mentioned!


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