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Do You Know Your SF Films?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Stephen Wildish recently posted this on his blog and I couldn't resist reposting it. Can you identify the SF films?

I'm pretty sure I can identify 22 of them. But I have no idea what C, M, Q or Y are. Any ideas anyone?


  1. Do they have to start with their letter assigned to them cos I'm pretty sure that E is Star Wars...! LOL!

    M looks like that film with Will Smith in it - you know he's a fighter pilot and fights all these aliens and then the key to destroying these invading aliens was for Jeff Goldblum to send out a virus to their ship like the alien ship is Microsoft compatible...

    Ahem! Take care

  2. Old Kitty - they do! E is a Star Wars movie I can tell you that ...

    Sounds like you're describing Independence Day? Great film but, alas, definitely starts with I ...

  3. I've seen this before. If I had the time I'd have a go. Maybe later?

  4. If this was a test, I'd flunk for sure. Let's see...

    A is alien (??? Don't know really)
    I is I, Robot
    E is Empire Strikes Back
    G is Godzilla
    P is Planet of the Apes
    W is War of the Worlds (maybe)
    X is X-Men

    I guess I don't know my Sci-Fi movies (or that I don't watch enough of them). :)

  5. I'm rubbish. I know about 3 of them. Call myself a SF writer?

  6. Ellie - do!

    Cherie - I make that 5 ... But I thought "I" was something else.

  7. Deborah - the way I see it, you're too busy writing to waste your time watching films ...

  8. I recognize about four . . . the rest I have no idea of!

  9. I'm so very bad at things like this. I can't remember 10 minutes ago let alone try to figure out the movies!!
    I saw your blog link on the A to Z Challenge and stopped over. I'm now following!!
    Giggle, Laugh, Cry

  10. Thanks for dropping by, Kerrie!

  11. Oh, this is so fun! I got about half on the first time through. I'll have to come back later and ponder the rest. A is one of my old faves. :)

    I'm also stumped on the ones you mention.

  12. Nicole,

    I still haven't worked out what they might be I'm afraid!

  13. I'm a failure. I don't know nearly as many of these as I should, dang it!

  14. Milo - like Deborah, you're too busy writing I'm guessing ...

  15. C is Cube.

  16. Bandersnatch - excellent, thanks. Looks pretty good!

  17. Update:

    M = Moon
    Q = Quatermass Xperiment (thought it was probably that)
    Y = Yor


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