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The Blogging From A to Z April Challenge: E is for Entropy

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My posts in the The Blogging From A to Z April Challenge are all about interesting words. Words that are weird, intriguing, poetic or just plain cool.

E is for Entropy

Entropy will get us all in the end. In general terms, the word refers to a decline from structure into uniformity. The process by which energy within a system evens out and its order diminishes. In cosmological terms, this means the tendency for creation to become formless and homogeneous: the so-called "heat death" of the universe.

Still, it won't happen for a while yet.

The word was actually only coined in the nineteenth century, formed from the Greek entropia, meaning a turning toward.

Archaeopteryx Blunderbuss Chthonic Dreadnought Entropy


  1. LOL, what you learn when joining a blog hop like this one :-) thanks.

  2. Oh now I'm thoroughly depressed! LOL! Take care

  3. The principle and the idea of entropy has fascinated me for a while now. I wonder if our "globalization", the current state of the world in which culture is exchanged, adopted, morphed into "modernity", is also a form of "human" entropy, whether our uniqueness, our structure, will in the end segue into a uniformity that makes us indistinguishable from one another. I love the different, so if this uniformity is as inevitable as the "other" entropy, I hope it takes a long long time.

  4. interesting...well, I hope it doesn't happen for a long while!
    Great E word and nice to meet you!

  5. lol such a positive blog! :D

    Greetings from the A to Z trail,
    Sylvia @ Playful Creative

  6. I'm glad it's unlikely that people will still be around by the time the universe reached entropy . . .

  7. Scary!!! That's about all I can say. I'm with Old Kitty, as I was thinking the same thing after reading this post. The good news is now I know about a subject that I didn't know about before today and that counts for something :)

    "Heat Death?" No thanks, lol.

    Good day!

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    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  8. I love interesting words. :) thank you for sharing them. Dropping by through the a to z challenge.

  9. First of all, I just have to tell you the name of your blog caught my attention in the list of A to Z blogs, since my blog links magic and writing too.

    I guess entropy is a sad word when you really think about it, but it's a fun one to say.

    Continued success with the A to Z challenge,

  10. Ah yes, another good one. I've actually seen a lot of authors use this one really well recently.

  11. Sherry - glad you found it useful!

    Old Kitty - Sorry! Still, it's an interesting word, no?

    Guilie - Wow, interesting idea. Maybe so. Although cross- cultural fertilisation tends to result in new and interesting social patterns in my experience.

  12. Sylvia - LOL! There will be more positive ones along soon. Probably.

    Golden Eagle - Yep, we may need to move to a new universe ...

    Nicole - Glad it was of some interest.

    EngineerQueen - I do too! Thanks for dropping by.

    Jocelyn - Thanks for dropping by. I'll be back over to yours ASAP.

    Nicole - Thanks!

  13. Hi Simon .. I saw a video by Brian Cox on this exact subject recently .. there's no return ... life/it can never be the same again ..

    It's fascinating .. cheers Hilary


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