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Are You The Next Big Thing?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A couple of people have nominated me for the Next Big Thing blog meme (thanks Thomas and Rhonda).

The deal is you answer some questions about your current WIP, then pass the baton along to some other writers. My answers will be appearing next week. But does anyone with a book they're currently working on want to tell the world all about it? Let me know in the comments and I'll add you to the list...


  1. I'll pass but huge congratulations and I'm totally loving your side bar with all your wonderful books!!!

    My! How you've grown since the first time I stumbled on your blog with your 100 word flash story done in two years! Awww that was really fun!

    Take care

  2. Thanks, Old Kitty! Ah, happy days. Maybe I should publish a novel word by word too...

  3. Looking forward to reading your post next week!

    I'd volunteer for the tag, but I've already answered the questions before.

  4. Looking forward to your answers, Amigo! We all know Hedge Witch will be the next big thing. Can't wait to get my limited edition signed copy...

  5. Thanks Milo! You're right about HW, of course, so I shall be talking about the next next big thing...

  6. Ongoing SF WIP call The Tralian Incident. Part of it is posted on my website, but I ran it by my critique group and it's missing a main character's POV! lol - thought it was going to be a short story that didn't need an MC, but am reimagining it as a novella. :)

  7. Lyn,

    Sounds mighty cool. I shall pass the baton on to you!

  8. Hhmm, I thought you already were. Like your interest in occult-type genre...I believe it was and STILL is the next big thing.

  9. Erin - Thanks. Nice of you to say so.


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