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Happy 2013!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I've been pretty quiet on the blogging front over Christmas and New Year. Back now! Hope you had a good time and that Santa brought you that new writer's notebook and Neil Gaiman novel you wanted.

So what will 2013 bring? Assuming editing goes well, this is the year I'll have two novels published - Hedge Witch by Morrigan Books and Engn by December House. To say I'm excited about that would be an understatement. Actually, given that I plan to collect the Genehunter novellettes into a single-volume novel as well, I should have three novels coming out this year...

I'll still be writing short stories, too, and once again I'll be doing Write1Sub1 monthly to keep me on the straight and narrow. It's been an invaluable scheme for me, nudging me to keep on writing and writing. If you're a poet or a short fictioneer, I'd seriously consider signing up. Really, the folks running it are such nice people. Did I mention I was one of them?

Speaking of poetry, I'm quite keen to write more of that, too, this year. It's rather taken a back seat of late. And I've made an informal commitment to myself to read at least one poem and one short story a day as well as tackling that huge piles of novels beside my bed. Should keep me busy...

I hope you all have a wonderful 2013. I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's news.


  1. Happy New Year, Simon. 2013 is going to be an exciting one for both of us! Looking forward to reading your book(s) :-)

  2. Kate - Indeed! Exciting times. Hope I can help with your book launch in some way or other...

  3. Happy New Year, Simon.

    If you need any help whatsoever with any launch, just email me. I would love to get the word out for you.

    I have the final ebook in my Camelot trilogy coming out in May, as well as a super secret project I am hoping will come to fruition by the end of the year. It's going to be a great year for many!

  4. Thanks, Donna, I appreciate that. Does sound like 2013 should be an interestinbg year. Fascinated to find out about the super secret project!

  5. *le gasp* Three novels AND short stories AND poetry. You're going to be busy, Simon.


  6. Deborah,

    Always! A man's reach must exceed his grasp and all that. A woman's too...

  7. Super good news, Simon. Congrats.

    I like that your still writing poetry on top of all that you have going on. I think poetry is great for every writer to keep at, at least every now and then.

    Best of luck in 2013 - you've already got the momentum.

  8. Thanks, Erin. Poetry is a great thing to write, I agree. I must do more...

  9. You're going to have a fabulous year.


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