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Subtract and Submitomancy

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Regular readers will know that I keep meaning to create a new and improved version of my rather ancient (but still useful) Writer's Database Windows app for submission tracking. The theoretical new system is called Subtract. From time to time I blog about it, but I haven't, in all honesty, made much progress. The writing comes first!

Duotrope does something similar,of course, although that's just gone behind a $50/year paywall. There are other systems too. But I was very interested to learn about the Submitomancy initiative. This is currently trying to crowd-source funding in order to get off the ground.

Submitomancy is a tracking and social networking project aimed at writers and publishers. We will work closely with active markets; however our primary focus is to offer submission tracking system for writers of short fiction and poetry. Our basic service will be offered free to users with a simple sign up. Premium users will gain the advantage of the full library features, power searches and social interactions.

The premium level is planned to be $20/year, which sounds about right to me. There's a great interview with Sylvia Wrigley, the driving force behind the scheme, over on Alex Shvartsman's blog. I've been in contact with Sylvia to see if I could help with the development in any way, but the main issue right now is to spread the word and see if there is enough interest in such a system.

As with all these crowdfunding schemes, any money pledged is returned to you if the target amount isn't reached. At the time of writing, the initiative has £767 pledged with a target of £5,500 by January 29th.

I think there's huge scope for creating an invaluable system here. If it does take off, I might even stop using Writer's Database...


  1. Ack. Forget about the interview on Alex's blog. Check out mine instead!

    Sorry, Alex. Only kidding!

  2. Deborah,

    The thought of you doubling your submission rate is scary - but, yes, great post. See it here folks!

  3. The Grinder is also worth checking out -- as a free alternative.

  4. Thanks, Milo. Hadn't come across that one.

  5. Yes. The Grinder looks good, too.

  6. Deborah - indeed; I'm definitely going to start using it.

  7. its fine for those with a constant internet connection only though.

  8. works only if one has an internet coonection however.

    1. Randy - yep, something I wanted to address with Subtract. Systems like The Grinder are great but it would be good to have something that worked offline too. Like Writer's Database...


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