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The Final Genehunter Volume Published...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Boneyard, the fifth and final novelette in the Genehunter series, is officially launched on Amazon today.

Simms finally uncovers the truth about Boneyard. With Ballard's help, he hatches a dangerous plan to deal with Forty Days. Problem is, Simms isn't sure whose side he's even on. Meanwhile, he meets up again with both Devi and Kelly. One meeting goes well and one goes very badly indeed.

Simms walks a dangerous line. If he gets things wrong, many people will die. Worse still, he will die. And sometimes it seems that's exactly what everyone wants...

Poor old Simms. He really only has himself to blame, but I do feel sorry for the guy. Still, it'll all have a happy ending. Won't it?


  1. Good luck Simon!!!! Take care

  2. They look great. Congratulations, Simon. I really do think that a linked series is an excellent idea.

    1. Thanks; glad you like the covers. It's been fun doing the series, although quite a lot of work...

  3. Congrats on the new addition to your series, Simon. The covers look terrific, and the stories themselves wonderfully adventurous.

  4. Good luck, Simon. You are such a prolific writer, you put me to shame!


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