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Lord Lion's Design Published

Friday, 27 September 2013

Lord Lion's Design is a tale of vampires, werewolves and British politics and it's published as an Amazon ebook (along with six other fine stories) in KZine 7 today.

Lord Lion, Home Secretary of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, lifted the chalice of blood that Brabham, his butler, had brought for him. It was only midday, but he needed a drink...

It's already had a couple of nice reviews:

"The author points his finger more at politicians than he does the undead, but with a clever and witty touch."

"One of my favourites is 'LORD LION'S DESIGN', by Simon Kewin. I am always fond of political games embedded in a good narrative, and having one where vampires and werewolves are protagonists, makes it even better. The story is fast paced and quite alluring. It is set in the modern world and I applaud Simon Kewin for making other races band together for a more tolerant idealism."

I don't know, likening members of the British government to evil, blood-sucking parasites. Where do we writers get our crazy ideas from?


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