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Professor Pandemonium's Train Of Terror

Monday, 4 November 2013

My comic tale Professor Pandemonium's Train Of Terror is published today in the 2nd Stupefying Stories Annual Horror Special.

Welcome to TWO, the second annual horror special from Stupefying Stories. This time out we're bringing you one of the biggest and best collections we've ever assembled, containing sixteen fresh and exciting new tales of ghosties and ghoulies, vampires and zombies, monsters and mayhem, and things that go bump in the night!

So if you fancy a tale of evil ghost train denizens and even more evil puns, the collection is available for download on Amazon here.


  1. Very nice! As you know, I got into the October Showcase. I'm not sure which I would have preferred.

    Probable answer:they're both good!

    1. Indeed - and congrats on that. Still not sure I count as a horror writer though...

  2. Awesome, Simon. Where the heck do you find the time?


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