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The Seven Deadly Sins: The Seven Other Dwarves

Friday, 1 November 2013

December House's Flash Fiction Fest 2013 kicks off today!

Two flash stories will be appearing each day throughout the month, and one of mine is released today. The Seven Other Dwarves is, as the name suggests, an alternative fairy story...

It was a dark and stormy night, which was why she missed the signpost at the crossroads in the depths of the old woods and ended up taking the other path through the trees.
The day had started so well: a picnic with a hunter whose muscle-tone resembled that of one of her father’s stallions. She’d imagined several interesting scenarios, one or two of which had brought a distinct blush to her white face. But being knocked out and abandoned was certainly not one of them. Now, she shivered as the rain lashed into her face. She could damn well die out here. Which was presumably the plan all along.

You can read the rest online here.

Another nine of my flash stories will be released as the month progresses - including a linked sequence of seven in the final week.


  1. Oh, I loved that! Especially the names of the dwarves. :)

    And NINE more stories? Sheesh, there's no keeping up with you! Seriously, though, congratulations! :)

  2. Thanks, Madeline - it was the names that triggered the story, really. It just had to be...

  3. "Only Lusty’s bed was big enough for her" -- good stuff! Looking forward to the others, amigo.

    1. Thanks, Milo. They're all very different from this one...


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