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We, The People Of The Clouds Published

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Today sees the publication of the Ruined Cities anthology, which includes my own story We, The People of the Clouds.

Actually, as this is a 13000 worder, it's technically a novelette. It's a story set in a utopian virtual world - except that, inevitably, things aren't quite so utopian as they seem. It's also, as you might expect with this anthology, an apocalyptic tale. Plus it has some Arthurian overtones thrown in for good measure.

Late afternoon on Perpetual Sunday, Wil Drake stared upwards, not believing what he could see.

The sky, going out.

Not the glitches and stutters he sometimes glimpsed. A texture pop in the distance or two edges flickering with broken collision detection. The sort of thing everyone saw and no one mentioned. This was big. Half the sky had just switched off. Half the world...

The anthology has 16 stories in total, adding up to 110000 words. Find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

Meanwhile, three other recent successes to report: Ether have published another short story of mine, this one called Last Train To Morden. If you happen to be a commuter on the London Underground, you might appreciate it...

Veena worked nights on the northern line, reading next station announcements to the passengers on the tube.

The next station is Angel. This is a northern line train to Morden. Please mind the gap.
The skill was in reproducing precisely the same tone each time, the same pleasantly enounced set of syllables. She prided herself on it. Of course the travellers out there on the London underground thought it was a machine talking. They would have been horrified to learn a human had to read out the same list over and over, twelve-hour shifts at a time. But machines were expensive, prone to breaking down, and minimum-wage migrants from warmer lands to the south were cheap and plentiful...

And, on the poetry front, my SF haiku surface of the sun is out now in the November 2013 print edition of Scifaikuest.

And, finally, Bolts of Silk reprint my poem Replanting the Great Caledonian Forest today. It's free to read here.


  1. Thanks - yep, cool cover for sure.

  2. Wow, Simon, you are such an example for the rest of us! Congratulations on all your publications and writing this month! YOU ROCK!!!


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