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2013 In Review

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

So how's 2013 been for you? Looking back, it's been a good one here at Spellmaking Towers - although with bumps along the road too.

At the start of the year I hoped to see three novels appear this year, but in the end it was only two - which is still fantastic as I'd published precisely none at the start of the year. So, Engn and The Genehunter are now out there and I can call myself a novelist. Not that I ever do. Hedge Witch, unfortunately, hasn't seen the light of day - yet. For various reasons - none of them to do with the actual book - it's still in the process of being edited. That should all be complete soon and the novel can finally see the light of day. I hope so because it's a book I just love.

Meanwhile, work continues apace on the Engn sequel and the Hedge Witch sequel. And I keep getting troubled by other novel ideas jostling for position in my brain. Does anyone have a Time-turner or a TARDIS I could borrow?

Short Stories
Thanks in large part to Write1Sub1, another good year. 2013 saw 7 new short stories, 3 new novelettes and 14 new flash stories published in various places, along with various reprints. So that's good. I had 4 pro acceptances this year which is a record for me - although there are plenty of markets who have resisted my charms. So far...

2013 saw ten of my poems published, including one that made it into Dwarf Stars, the collection of the best genre poetry of 2012.

So, all in all, pretty good. The Publishometer went past 250 and currently stands at 276. But I'm hoping for even greater things in 2014...

Merry Christmas all!


  1. That was an incredible year, Simon. Just . . . wow.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. Next year will be even better!

  2. Wow! Just amazing! And look at it this way, now you can start out 2014 with a published novel. :)

    The term "novelette" - is that different than a novella? Longer? Shorter?

    1. Thanks, good point! "Novelette" isn't a term people really use much is it? Technically, as I understand it, a novelette is 7.5K - 17.5K, whereas a novella is 17.5K - 40K. So shorter.

  3. Congratulations, Simon!

  4. What a great year - and well deserved.

    I was wondering when HEDGE WITCH was being released.

  5. Congrats on a great year and best wishes for a greater one in 2014!


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