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Jumpjacker up at Perihelion

Thursday, 12 December 2013

SF thriller Jumpjacker is up at Perihelion today - free to read here.

This is a story set loosely in the Genehunter universe - although Simms doesn't turn up in it at all.

NEWER DELHI CENTRAL STATION, 14:02 India Standard Time.

Ronan Mistry half-stepped, half-fell from the jump gate at Newer Delhi Central. His stomach lurched like someone had spent the last minute whirling him around blindfolded. A heavy pain thrummed through his head. He hated the damn jump networks. The headache was a new thing but the gates always made him nauseous.

“Morning again, Mr. Mistry.”

A security guard in a saffron-coloured turban looked like he was about to step over to help. Ronan didn’t recognize the man, despite the apparent familiarity. He waved and managed a smile to say he was fine, didn’t need assistance. The guards were there to look out for jumpjackers hitting travellers as they emerged from the network, not to lend a hand to travelsick old men...

Read the rest here.


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