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Malware Published at Amazon

Friday, 3 January 2014

Not actual malware, you understand, but a story about it. Malware is an SF short story originally published by Perihelion magazine and now available from Amazon as a Kindle download. What's more, it's free to download all this weekend (Jan 4th/5th 2014) if you fancy a slightly techy SF thriller to read...


Jay sat back from his screen, fingers paused over his keyboard. A window with the words Unknown Process Detected overlaid his screen. Details filled the window: memory usage, IO, CPU load. The numbers blurred as they counted up.

So much for his new algorithms. This wasn’t supposed to be possible.

His fingers rattled over the keyboard, bringing up new windows, drilling down into details. He tried to kill the virus. No good; some controlling process he wasn’t seeing resurrected it immediately.

‘Damn,’ he said again...
Read the rest here.

Meanwhile, it's a whole new year! Wishing you all a marvellous 2014.


  1. I got mine! Thanks, Simon. Awesome cover, and I look forward to reading what's underneath.

  2. That is a fantastic cover! Truly. You're like the cover-master. *bows*

    1. Thanks, I was quite pleased with it. Once I'd found the right stock image it literally took five minutes!


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