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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

So the fantastic newsletter is just about polished and ready to go: it'll be sent out to subscribers on the last day of the month. If all the technicalities work out...

Each month there's going to be a free story subscribers can download and this month it's SF tale Live From The Continuing Explosion, available in either Kindle, ePub or PDF format.


Live From The Continuing Explosion

A terrorist sets off a bomb in New York's Grand Central Station. But it is immediately obvious this is no ordinary explosion. Everybody nearby is caught within a bubble of space-time inside which time grinds almost to a halt. The world watches in horror as the explosion unfolds in close-up slow-motion.

Kirsten Campbell escapes the blast but her twin brother is caught inside it. She can do nothing but watch him there, frozen, as she ages. Meanwhile the explosion, and then Kirsten herself, become the focus for cataclysmic change the world over.

Exciting huh? The subscriber page is here if you want to grab your copy!


  1. The newsletter looks great, and I enjoyed this story quite a bit. Very cool cover, to boot.

    1. Yes, I was quite pleased with this cover I have to say...


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