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New Genehunter Artwork

Friday, 7 February 2014

The covers for my Genehunter novellas were looking a bit unprofessional compared to the full collection/novel, so I've now got new artwork for them, too. What do you think? To my mind they look pretty cool all lined up like that.

This is all part of my efforts to be more professional, better at marketing etc. etc. A lot of thanks on that front has to go to Thomas Norwood. Thomas (author of Perfectible Animals) got in touch to say how much he liked Genehunter but that he thought I could promote it a whole lot better. Which was undoubtedly true.

I do finally feel like I'm starting to get somewhere with all this, at least when it comes to the Amazon ecosystem. When I first began uploading ebooks, I just picked categories and keywords that seemed to fit, for example, without giving it a great deal of thought. But there's a whole science to it, a science people have worked out from observing how Amazon works. I find it quite fascinating. It's still quite a bit of work, but kinda fun, too.

The good news is, it's starting to pay off. Genehunter went as high as #3 in the UK cyberpunk chart this week and it's been hovering around #50 to #70 on the US site too.

A good start, but hopefully I can do better still...


  1. These looks fabulous, Simon. Great covers to match a great story

  2. Thanks, Deborah - thrilled you enjoyed it.

  3. I'm really liking the new covers -- and I'd be interested to learn any of the Amazon science you glean in the process. I've been using keywords that do well in the Amazon search box; I figure if they're the first to appear there, I should be using them.

    1. I've been finding David Gaughran's Let's Get Visible useful, especially when it comes to picking categories. But there's a lot of useful stuff in there.

  4. I liked your 'unprofessional' covers, but these are pretty awesome too :) I love how you've used the same base image on them all for consistency and changed the colors and (obviously) subtitles for each book. Very cool!


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