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Eighteen Million Butterflies published by Lakeside Circus

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Thrilled to announce that short story Eighteen Million Butterflies is published by Lakeside Circus today.

This is a wonderful magazine, lovingly put together, and all the more wonderful because of its refusal to be forced into "literary" or "genre" pigeonholes. In her editorial for this issue, editor Carrie Cuinn explains her love for fiction "that exists in the spaces where 'genre' and 'literature' lean up against each other" and "which is both introspective and speculative; elegant and fantastical." That's something I, for one, cheer mightily. 

I'm not sure how you would categorize Eighteen Million Butterflies. Fantasy? Magic Realism? Slipstream? I have no idea, but you can read the story for free here.

Every day, Telyr poisoned three hundred thousand butterflies to death...


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