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Lyn Perry's Ma Tutt's Donut Hut Published

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Writer friend Lyn Perry is publishing his Ma Tutt's Donut Hut novel today.

A Curious Cozy with a Magical Cat!

Dolly Tutt has just opened her own bakery in the small mountain community of Sugar Pine Station. But the Creamy Pie franchise across the street is giving her fits. Her business is dying. She needs a miracle or she'll be forced to close.

Fortunately, Mack, a mysterious tabby that came with the doughnut shop, lends a paw by pointing Dolly to a magical ingredient that definitely puts the spice back in her life and rejuvenates the Donut Hut. Unfortunately, it also unleashes as series of catastrophes that may end up destroying her business once and for all.

This short novel is a complete adventure but contains four tales within the larger gentle mystery. Think of it in terms of a four episode mini-series with each story complete unto itself but adding up to a satisfying conclusion.

If that sounds like your purrfect idea of a book, it's here on Amazon - where it's currently available at a discounted price. And Lyn is interviewed about the book here if you're interested in finding out more.


  1. Simon, you have changed your entire blog!! I haven't been by since you got your new look. And as for the book here, anything with donuts in the title has peaked my interest. I'll go check it out!

    1. Glad you like the new look - enjoy the doughnuts!

  2. Simon, appreciate the mention and links! And Karen, I think donuts are tasty too!


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