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Her Father's Eyes published in Acidic Fiction

Monday, 29 September 2014

Flash story Her Father's Eyes is published over at Acidic Fiction today. The story is free to read here.

Caitlin had her father’s eyes. She kept them in a jar on the mantelpiece. Most people preferred a clock up there, or maybe a nice vase. Something to wedge bills behind. Caitlin liked the eyes better.

This is also my 300th publication (264 works and 36 reprints), so a bit of a milestone. I have allowed myself a brief smile of celebration before getting back to work...


  1. Oh, that was so wonderfully chilling! Well done, Simon! :)

    1. Thanks, Madeline. I'm happy with "wonderfully chilling"!

  2. Congrats, Simon. You should smile ALL DAY. And then get back to work.

  3. You are awesomely prolific.

  4. Really enjoyed that one, Simon. 300? THIS IS SPARTA!!!


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