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Remembrance Day published in German

Saturday, 13 September 2014

SciFi short story Remembrance Day is reprinted in German translation today as Tag der Erinnerung over at Pulpcore. If your German is good you can read it here.

Meanwhile, Pulpcore are open for submissions as they get ready for launch. Details here if you're interested. They pay for crime, horror, mystery, noir, sci-fi or weird fiction stories, including reprints.

Magnus behielt die Marsianer im Auge. Fünf von ihnen saßen in der Ecke der Bar und lachten lauthals. Sie bedeuteten Ärger. Hooligan-Touristen aus den äquatorialen Städten wie Wells oder Bradbury. Nach ein paar hemmungslosen Tagen im rechtsfreien Ring fuhren sie wieder nach Hause und erzählten jedem, wie Crazy! es gewesen sei. Es war immer dasselbe. Die Leute, die tatsächlich auf Möbius lebten, machten selten Stress.

Magnus kept one eye on the gang of Martians. Five of them, roaring with laughter in the corner of the bar. They were going to be trouble. Slaughter-tourists up from the equatorial cities, Wells or Bradbury. A few days running wild on the lawless Strip and they could go back home and tell everyone how crazy it had been. It was always the same. The people who actually lived on Möbius were rarely the trouble-makers.


  1. Chrome translated it for me -- but not exactly like the original English. This is one of my favorite Kewins; hoping to see more of Magnus & the mech in the future...

  2. Neat to have your story translated into another language.


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