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This Month's Free Read: Seek Alternative Route

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

This month's newsletter is all ready to wing its way out to subscribers, and this time the subscriber freebie is a rare foray into "realistic" fiction with short story Seek Alternative Route.

Warning: does not contain any aliens, zombies, demons or fay. Just people. Weird, huh?

Seek Alternative Route

Slaughtered Pig is an ageing punk, the singer with grindcore band Catharsis. Buckley is a stressed-out company executive, late for yet another meeting.

When the two meet in a traffic jam on the motorway they know they’re going to hate each other. But they discover they have more in common than either expected...

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  1. That's a great story. Those two characters are so different from each other, they might as well have been aliens.

  2. I remember that story; I liked that it was just about two characters' paths crossing.


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