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Coming Real Soon Now: Drunk On Writing (The Best of Write1Sub1, Volume 1)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

It's taken us a while to get this anthology together, but it's getting very close now. This week I completed the encoding work on it, meaning that we now have ePub and Kindle format ebooks ready to go. There'll be a final round of checking and then we can get it out there.

I'd forgotten what an incredibly fine assortment of fiction and poetry we've got here. Here's the full contents list:

A Shard Grows in Brooklyn by Alex Shvartsman
Jen-6 by Erin Cole
Scraps by Michael Haynes
Captain Clone by Deborah Walker
Taking the Winds by Folly Blaine
The Chronicles of Zer by Simon Kewin
Broken by Rhonda Parrish
The Dryad, on Marrying the Oak by Alicia Cole
Counting Stones by Alicia Cole
An Herbalist's Loves by Alicia Cole
Minutemen by Milo James Fowler
Infested by Stephen Ramey
The Oni by Heather Whittington
The Ungreat Escape by Siobhan Gallagher
Toil & Trouble by Michelle King
Shafts to Hell by Jeff Chapman
Dying Again by Devin Miller
Pretending by Anna Andrews
Insomnia by Anna Carpenter
Taking Care of Ma by Lee Hallison
A Contract Between Thieves by Stephanie Lorée

Quite a line up, and it's going to be a free download. Can't wait to see it released.

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