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2015 Dawns...

Thursday, 1 January 2015

And a happy new year to you all!

This is inevitably a time for looking forward and making plans for the future, so here's what I'm aiming for in 2015:
  • Finish and publish Worm Lord, the sequel to Hedge Witch and part two of the Cloven Land trilogy. I'm currently aiming for a release date of Hallowe'en. I'm aiming also to have a first draft done by the end of March. On this point: I will be looking for a beta reader or two if anyone is interested?
  • Talking of Hedge Witch, this will also be appearing as a paperback real soon now...
  • Finish The Clockwork War, the sequel to Engn and get it sent off to my editor at December House.
  • There may also be a re-release of Engn with new cover art.
  • Write and submit at least twelve short or flash stories, to keep me up to speed with Write1Sub1. I'm aiming for at least a couple of pro sales.
  • Carry on submitting short fiction and poetry. The publishometer currently stands at 315. Can I get it to 350 this year?
  • Grow my new release newsletter subscriber list. Last year I decided to set up two newsletters: a monthly blog digest and the new release one. Still not entirely sure this is a good approach, but it seemed like there were two separate audiences there. In any case, the accepted wisdom seems to be that a newsletter dedicated to telling readers of previous books about new books is The Way To Go.
Speaking of the new-release Newsletter, the sign-up page is here if anyone's interested. I'm giving away five books there by way of thanks. Obviously I'm including links in existing books and when short stories appear in magazines as the main way of finding new readers. We shall see how it goes...

So, there we are. That should keep me busy for 2015. What are your plans for the new year?


  1. Happy New Year, Simon, and good luck with your goals. I just want to slow down this year!

  2. Happy New Year to you, Simon! I'm getting back to work on my NaNo novel, planning to join the monthly W1S1 again, and I'm looking forward to a writing conference I'm attending in October. That seems far away but time goes so quickly any more! :)

  3. Wow, great stuff, Simon. Sounds like you've got a good, realistic plan for this year. Good luck with your forthcoming publications and writing.

  4. You're gonna be BUSY this year, amigo! I wish you well, and I can't wait to see all the cool stuff coming out of Spellmaking Towers in the months ahead.


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