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Review copies of We, The People Of The Clouds

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

If anyone would like a free review copy of We, The People Of The Clouds, let me know in the comments below or get in touch by email and I'll happily send one over. It's novelette length (12000 words or so), virtual word SciFi and in need of a bit of Amazon reviewage...

We, The People Of The Clouds

Reality is broken...

For Marlon Smith the afterlife is a beach. The computer-generated world his consciousness inhabits provides for his every need. But then flaws begin to appear in the fabric of reality around him. Flaws that shouldn't be possible. Flaws only he can see.

He has to move quickly, before his actions are spotted and edited out. He starts to uncover the truth of how the afterlife functions. As he does so, he reveals unexpected secrets about his own past, too.

And he also finds out about those who are intent on destroying his whole reality...

Thanks in advance!


  1. eek. I've either posted three times, or none. I'd be glad to review, please send me a copy -- debs

    1. Thanks, Debs! The post only came through once. I'll email you a .mobi?

  2. Sounds fabulous, but I'm back up at the moment.


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