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Meanwhile, in Hedge Witch news

Monday, 23 February 2015

At the start of the year I set myself the target of completing the first draft of the sequel to Hedge Witch by the end of March. But it's gone so well that I'm actually going to have it done by the end of February. Pretty thrilled about that. That must be the first time I've missed a deadline the other way.

So, Worm Lord, Book 2 of the Cloven Land Trilogy, will hopefully be out at Hallowe'en. There are rounds of beta reading and editing to go through yet, but it seems like a moment for celebration. I've loved writing this book. I set off with a sort of plan and a rough chapter-by-chapter outline, but new characters have come along as I've written and demanded to have their part in the story told. Which is always fun.

There's no cover art yet, but these are the chapter titles, which might give something of the flavour of the book:
 1. The Gates of Hell
 2. The First Frosts of Winter
 3. Crowhaunted
 4. A Nation of Slaves
 5. A Harvest of Bones
 6. Palaces of the Undain
 7. Feasting
 8. The Ice House
 9. Worm Roads
10. The Smouldering Fire
11. Caer D'nar
12. Worm Lord
13. Voices in the Aether
14. Mr. Shankly
15. Beyond the Veil
16. The Lizard King
17. Death of a Witch
18. Wormfire
19. The White City
20. The Endless Dark
21. Hyrn
22. The Destruction of Andar
23. A Hundred Million Voices
24. Its Beak Dipped in Blood
25. The Cold Waters of the An
If anyone read and enjoyed Hedge Witch, and would like to beta read Worm Lord, please let me know. It'll be around 110,000 words of high/urban fantasy goodness. And quite a lot of fantasy badness...

Meanwhile, Hedge Witch itself is now available in paperback from Amazon! I have on my desk what I believe is the only paper copy of the book in existence (unless people have started buying it). I have to say it looks pretty sweet. I should probably do some sort of signed copy giveaway raffle thingy. But that's for another day...


  1. I can beta for you. I have about four books I'm reading right now, but let me know when you are ready. I'll try to remember to get a review posted of Hedge Witch this week.

  2. Ooh, that's wonderful, much appreciated. I'm going to do another edit and then it'll be ready. Any particular preferred format?


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