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Threads reprinted in Sorcerous Signals/Mystic Signals

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Threads - a tale of ruthless barbarian hordes and embroidery - has been reprinted in the online magazine Sorcerous Signals and the print compilation Mystic Signals, with artwork by Lee Kuruganti.

Always a thrill to have a story illustrated. You can read Threads for free at Sorcerous Signals here. Meanwhile Mystic Signals - combining works from Sorcerous Signals and The Lorelei Signal - is available from Createspace here. And as a reader of this blog you can get a 24% discount off the price by entering the code 9HW5GHYR at the checkout.


“My Lady, the barbarian army is at the gates,” said Corym. “We must sound the
trumpets. We must assemble the Red Guard before we are overrun.”
The young Queen, Myrgiane, paid Corym no attention. She continued to sit on the marble
floor of her throne room amid a mountain of ruffled cloth and spools of shining thread,
working away at her embroidery. Corym watched her delicate fingers as they pushed the
silver needle into the stretch of cloth on her knee, pulled it free from the other side. Did
she not understand? He thought of all the people out there in the city. He thought of
Armian and Jeph, his children, idling away their days at the baths, the market, the
playhouse. What chance would any of them have if the barbarians entered the city?
“My Lady? We must act. They bring battering rams. Their beasts haul carts laden with
blackpowder. Even our gates will not resist them long.”
She replied without looking up, her attention focused on some minute detail of the
embroidered scene she worked on. “Then open the gates, Lord Corym.”


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