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Don't believe the reviews

Friday, 12 June 2015

Ah, reviews. It's all so easy to feel thrilled at a good one, all-too easy to feel despondent at a bad one. One thing I've learned over the years is not to pay them too much attention. At least, to try not to. They're obviously so subjective.

An amusing case-in-point today: my freebiew short story The Armageddon Machine got three reviews on Amazon. Two were five-star reviews ("Very nice storyline") ... and one was a one-star review ("This is lame!").

The Armageddon Machine. It's very nice ... but it's also lame.

Interesting how people can react to the same story in such wildly different ways. And it's only to be expected, I guess. Still, one person "hated" the story (for that is what one star means in the Amazon system), and hated it enough to go to Amazon to say so. And two others "loved" it. I guess that's a good result overall, but still, it is strange...

How do you handle bad reviews? Do you manage to achieve a Zen-like calm, or do you secretly rant and rave at the stupidity of (often anonymous) reviewers? Or do you simply try to ignore them?


  1. I ignore them if they're bad, but if they're good I embrace them. It works for me.

  2. It's interesting how a book will get such widely varying reviews. I can't help but feel happy with a positive review and disappointed with a bad one, but it never affects me for more than a few minutes because I know how differently people can interpret and react to a book. It really means very little. However, the kinds of reviews I really enjoy getting are those that show the reader really got what I was saying in my book.

    1. A good attitude to have. And I agree - those are the best reviews to get.

  3. Nice but lame -- that cracked me up. It's funny how the opinions of people we know in the real world often don't matter to us, but we can give credence to a review written by a complete stranger.


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