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Coming Soon: Beyond Space Opera

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Get ready for swashbuckling action among the stars!

In the vein of Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy, this space opera collection includes humorous action and adventure alongside stories with heart. These tales won't leave you in the pits of despair. Instead, they'll lift your spirits, taking you to places unknown. You'll travel the stars to far-flung planets, meeting aliens and humans, mechs and clones.

Strap in, and prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Beyond Space Opera will be available on August 15th, from all good ebook sellers. Advance Review Copies are now available, so if anyone would like one in exchange for a review, let me or the captain of our starship, Milo James Fowler, know!

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  1. That's great cover candy! And five out of six of those writers look interesting. The other one? Meh. I've seen it all before.


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