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Hyrn is out - but don't buy it

Thursday, 10 September 2015

So Hyrn, the prequel novella to Hedge Witch, Wyrm Lord and Witch King (aka the Cloven Land Trilogy) is out and available from Amazon and, very soon now, all other good ebook sellers.

Some wounds are too wide to heal...
The world changes one bright morning in spring. The ageing king of Angere turns to necromancy to prolong his existence - necromancy fuelled by the death of many others. The land descends into chaos as loyalties are tested and former friends become bitter foes.
For Black Meg, eldest witch of Angere, time is desperately short. She receives a vision from Hyrn, the horned man of the woods. The future he shows her is worse than anything she could have imagined. But Hyrn shows her, also, an answer, a way out.
It is a terrible and desperate path. But it soon becomes clear the free people of Angere have no choice but to take it…

But don't buy the book! I plan to make it free very soon (once I can persuade Amazon to price match) - although a few people have started buying it already, which is nice. But if you'd like a copy, you can download it for free from here in either Kindle or ePub format.

I had a lot of fun with this tale. It was one of those ideas that grew and grew in the telling. My idea with it was to write a 3000 word short story that I could put out as a freebie introduction to Cloven Land. But it had ideas of its own, and became a 23000 word novella.

It's a root tale, covering events five hundred years before the trilogy (although with several characters appearing in both) and gave me a chance to dramatise events mentioned only in passing in the main books. I'm really pretty pleased with it.

Hyrn was edited by Stephanie Lorée, who also worked on Hedge Witch and Genehunter. I'm lucky to have such a damn fine editor.


  1. Congratulations, Simon. It looks great. Don't buy: right. Got it.

    1. That's right, yeah. See what a marketing genius I am?

  2. Such a marketing genius, LOL! Congrats, Simon!


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