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Cover Reveal: Westward, Tally Ho! by Milo James Fowler

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Like many British kids growing up with cowboy films and TV series, I have a fondness for stories of gunslingers and campfire raids set in the wild west. That's partly why I've always enjoyed Milo James Fowler's weird west tales.

Today I'm taking part in the cover reveal for his YA western novel, Westward, Tally Ho!, to be released on February 5th. It's available now on pre-order - details over at Milo's web site.

How are your survival skills? It's the late 19th century, and you're a young English aristocrat lost in the American Southwest. A lynch mob is after you for horse theft. Irritable natives are on your trail. And the woman with you is not the type you'd bring home to your mother. Would you survive long enough to find safety? Or would you curl into a fetal position and cry? 
This is where Clarence Oliver Edwards finds himself in Westward, Tally Ho! Bored with his privileged life in England and weary of the relatives who share his family estate, Clarence follows his recently dismissed butler, Guthrie, on a non-stop adventure from the busy streets of Boston to the dusty trails of Santa Fe. What begins as Guthrie's search for his long-lost daughter becomes a shocking introduction to the American West for Clarence. His idea of proper etiquette is stretched to the limit as he's bombarded with characters of all types: tough gunslingers, seductive saloon girls, crafty frontier traders, an eccentric Zuni Indian chief, and a wild hermit. 
Through it all, Clarence realizes the value of loyalty and the cost of redemption. But most importantly, he discovers a degree of inner strength he never knew he possessed. Will Guthrie find his daughter? Will Clarence survive unscathed? Take a wild ride through the Old West and find out!

Looking forward to reading it - sure sounds like a bunch of fun...

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