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New novelette published by The Colored Lens

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A new story has been published by The Colored Lens today. The Clockwork King is a fantasy novelette set in the world of the three miraculous homunculi of Endest: Anarvon Astrogale (carved from wood), Borealis Banderwar (crafted from silver and brass) and Catafar Cursimon (the homunculus of glass and crystal).

Siggurd held his sword to the statuette of the false goddess, preparing to dash it to pieces. The goddess gazed back, sorrow in her painted eyes. Her shattered temple sparkled all around but this last act of destruction froze Siggurd.
He heard the words of Father Ulrich, beaten into Siggurd during his year as an acolyte. Idols. False icons. They must all be destroyed. And it was true this goddess meant nothing to Siggurd. Still he hesitated. Perhaps it was simply the beauty of the statuette, the elegant lines of the brushwork. Perhaps simply the thought of all the hours that had gone into making it.
A life can turn on the smallest detail. So it was with Siggurd then, although he didn’t know it...

Read the rest of the story here.


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