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Acceptances and Rejections

Thursday, 16 February 2017

These days, I must admit, I generally give up on magazines and publishers if I don't hear back from them about a submission after a year. Actually I think a year is generous. I'll maybe give them one chase up and then move on. Life's too short.

Sometimes this approach yields surprises and coincidences though. Getting on for two years back I submitted my short story Jumpjacker to a couple of reprint markets, but didn't get a response. I forgot about both. Then, within the space of a few days, both replied - one a rejection (did they really think I was waiting around for them for so long?), and one an acceptance.

So that's good. Jumpjacker will be appearing in translation in Catarsi magazine soon. Nice surprise.

Also just heard about another reprint, too: this one is Body of Work, to the Mrs. Rochester's Attic anthology.


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