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Comic flash story The Infestation published in the Enter the Apocalypse anthology

Thursday, 6 April 2017

My light-hearted fantasy flash story The Infestation has just been published in the Enter the Apocalypse anthology, published by TANSTAAFL Press. Full details right here.

Thirty-two authors from all over the world have created a wide range of apocalypses for your reading pleasure. Within the pages of this anthology, you will find exceptional works focusing on hungry zombies, virulent viruses, nuclear missiles, malevolent fey, vindictive aliens, challenging crustaceans, and more — each of these maelstroms creating massive disturbances within human society.
While works of holocausts tend toward a uniform darkness, Enter the Apocalypse contains a number of catastrophes that are humorous enough to cause hysterics and others that are so black as to cause the devil himself to shrink away.


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