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A Sacophagus in Obsidian published by Hypnos

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hypnos magazine have published my Lovecraftian tale A Sarcophagus in Obsidian in their Spring 2017 issue - details of the edition here.

A Sarcophagus in Obsidian
“Don’t work too late, Pamela. You know the mummies come out of the sarcophagus at midnight.”
It was their usual joke. Sam – Professor Drake – stood over by the door, shrugging on his coat in readiness for the London winter night. Pamela made a face of mock terror towards the three-metre cube of black rock that dominated their underground lair. It was perhaps the greatest treasure of the British Museum’s Unidentified collection. It was certainly the most immoveable. Generations of academics and students had come down here to measure it, tap it, ponder it, write papers about it. Generations of which she was merely the latest.
“Don’t worry,” she said. “I keep vials of Holy Water in my handbag.”
“Won’t help you, my dear. Completely wrong mythology..."

Read the rest here...


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