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The Last Trap published in Abyss & Apex

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Fantasy short story The Last Trap has just been published in Abyss & Apex magazine.

This is the third short story I've had published in Abyss & Apex, following on from Museum Beetles and Her Long Hair Shining. Always great to appear in this fine magazine.

Swan halted half-way up the wall of the North Tower of Emperor Xanthe’s palace. The wind had picked up for a moment, gusts threatening to pluck her off and hurl her to the distant ground. She dug the spikes of her climbing gauntlets as far as she could into the cracks between the granite blocks and hung on. She’d allowed for this. A slightly windy night was best. In still air the clinks and scrapes from her ascent might be heard from inside the tower. The noise covered her just as the darkness of the moonless night did.

A few feet farther up there was a single window, the only break in the entire wall on that side. In her two years of planning she’d toyed with using it as a way inside. Cut through the slab of translucent quartz with a diamond-tipped blade. The arched window was narrow, but she could squeeze through by temporarily dislocating a shoulder. She was slight enough to fit through gaps most male assassins couldn’t. But it was too obvious; the window was clearly one of the traps laid by her opponent. The nameless, faceless Steward whose defences protected the Emperor’s life...

Read the complete story for free here.


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