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BookBub - Still Worth It?

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

It's my experience that paid book promotions rarely recoup their cost - although it can be hard to work out their long-term effect on sales. BookBub promotions are different though - more expensive, but worth it. That was certainly my experience on my first ever BookBub deal (Hedge Witch, in 2016). Being chosen for a BookBub deal has been seen as a cause for celebration among writers for some time.

Is that still the case? I've just finished my second BookBub deal - this time on The Genehunter. It was in the science fiction category, in all territories apart from the US. And, yes, results were still good. Again, it's a little tricky to isolate the effect of the promotion from background sales, but I reckon I made a 33% profit on my outlay.

Happy with that. Not sure I'm going to bother too much with other promo sites at this point - but BookBub appears to remain the way to go...


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