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Selling books direct

Thursday, 22 February 2018

I recently set up an account at BookFunnel, originally just to give readers a smoother way of receiving books from me. I have to say I like the service a lot, and the way it makes everything so frictionless for the reader. Not sure why I didn't start using it a long time ago.

Then I noticed that BookFunnel also offer PayPal integration (along with a bunch of other platforms), which made me realise that I could start selling my books directly from my own website. PayPal handle the money and BookFunnel the book delivery and everything is integrated and seamless and I don't have to do anything once it's all set up. And the good news is it works a treat. A bit of copying and pasting of codes and URLs between PayPal and BookFunnel and it's done. My web site is now suddenly an online shop, offering my books at lower prices than they can be bought for on Amazon, Kobo etc.

Want to grab a copy of The Genehunter for instance? You can do so here and save 20% off the book store price.

There's a growing list of works available for direct purchase on the front page of this web site, as well as links on my various book pages. Really pleased with it.

And as a treat for readers of this blog, here's a secret link to download Hedge Witch, Volume 1 of the Cloven Land Trilogy, from BookFunnel for free. It'll only work until March 2nd so grab it while you can and see how easy the service is to use...


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