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Jumpjacker reprinted in Catalan

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Jumpjacker, a cyberpunk short story set in the Genehunter universe, has just been reprinted in Catarsi magazine, translated into Catalan. I love the cover very much.

This is the story's third publication, and also the third language it has appeared in (after English and Galician). So that's pretty cool.

If you read Catalan, the edition is available for your perusal here.

The Clockwork King

Friday, 24 February 2017

Fantasy novella The Clockwork King was originally published by The Colored Lens last year - and now it's available as a stand-alone ebook, bundled with a couple of bonus fantasy short stories (Threads and A Midwinter Sacrifice).

When Siggurd is given a task to perform by the Wirfather, he knows he is being sent to his death in punishment for his sins. For the Wirfather instructs him to track down and capture the Clockwork King of Pirathia, the fabled silver and brass homunculus Borealis Banderwar.
It is an impossible task, but Siggurd has no choice but to try...

The Clockwork King is available from:

Acceptances and Rejections

Thursday, 16 February 2017

These days, I must admit, I generally give up on magazines and publishers if I don't hear back from them about a submission after a year. Actually I think a year is generous. I'll maybe give them one chase up and then move on. Life's too short.

Sometimes this approach yields surprises and coincidences though. Getting on for two years back I submitted my short story Jumpjacker to a couple of reprint markets, but didn't get a response. I forgot about both. Then, within the space of a few days, both replied - one a rejection (did they really think I was waiting around for them for so long?), and one an acceptance.

So that's good. Jumpjacker will be appearing in translation in Catarsi magazine soon. Nice surprise.

Also just heard about another reprint, too: this one is Body of Work, to the Mrs. Rochester's Attic anthology.

The Stars are Tiny Lights on a Perfect Black Dome

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Today sees the publication of short story The Stars are Tiny Lights on a Perfect Black Dome over at Metaphorosis magazine, home of beautifully written science fiction and fantasy.

“Chancellor, it’s Zend, at the University. One of your research students. I think you should come and see something.”
The voice on the other end of the line was groggy. The Chancellor didn’t bother to keep the irritation from his voice. “Are you aware what hour it is, Zend?”
“Sorry, yes, it’s late, I know. Or I mean early, depending on how you look at it.”
“Have we inadvertently fabricated another black hole in Astrophysics? Has the Bio lab released a pathogen capable of eliminating all known life in the galaxy? Because if it’s anything less than either of those things I’m not going to be pleased, Zend. Not at all.”
“It’s … it’s nothing like that, Chancellor. Something rather more … philosophical has cropped up.”
“Philosophical! At this time in the morning?”
“Yes, Chancellor, I’m sorry, it’s just … it’s The Experiment.”
“Which experiment? There are hundreds of experiments. What are you talking about?”
“The Experiment. You know, the big globe in the faculty lobby. The Experiment.”
There was, finally, a pause from the other end as the Chancellor grasped what Zend was talking about. His voice was noticeably more shaky as he replied. “Are you saying something has happened after all this time?”

Read the rest of the story for free here.

New novelette published by The Colored Lens

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A new story has been published by The Colored Lens today. The Clockwork King is a fantasy novelette set in the world of the three miraculous homunculi of Endest: Anarvon Astrogale (carved from wood), Borealis Banderwar (crafted from silver and brass) and Catafar Cursimon (the homunculus of glass and crystal).

Siggurd held his sword to the statuette of the false goddess, preparing to dash it to pieces. The goddess gazed back, sorrow in her painted eyes. Her shattered temple sparkled all around but this last act of destruction froze Siggurd.
He heard the words of Father Ulrich, beaten into Siggurd during his year as an acolyte. Idols. False icons. They must all be destroyed. And it was true this goddess meant nothing to Siggurd. Still he hesitated. Perhaps it was simply the beauty of the statuette, the elegant lines of the brushwork. Perhaps simply the thought of all the hours that had gone into making it.
A life can turn on the smallest detail. So it was with Siggurd then, although he didn’t know it...

Read the rest of the story here.

Cloven Land Trilogy at #1 in Epic Fantasy on Amazon

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Had to share this. So the Cloven Land Trilogy box set is on promotion this weekend (everywhere but in the USA). It's going pretty well. Here's a screen grab from the Amazon UK epic fantasy chart:

Don't suppose I'll be ahead of George RR Martin very often in sales charts. He're the current Kobo fantasy chart too:


Free Science Fiction and Fantasy for December

Saturday, 3 December 2016

I'm taking part in Patty Jansen's science fiction and fantasy promo again this weekend - there are over 100 titles available, all free to download from various retailers. My novelette We, the People of the Clouds is included this time around.

Full details of the promo are here.