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Other Worlds

A constellation of wondrous stars...

Other Worlds collects together fifty-two science fiction and fantasy stories that graced the pages of some of the planet’s finest speculative fiction magazines and anthologies between 2012 and 2018.

Starships and sorcerers, aliens and demons, space exploration and forbidden magics throng these pages, in stories that are thrilling, amusing, thought-provoking, terrifying and delightful.

Other worlds await...

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Hyrn (The Cloven Land Trilogy, prequel novella) - Free downloadfind out more
Hedge Witch (The Cloven Land Trilogy, Volume 1) - £0.99find out more
Wyrm Lord (The Cloven Land Trilogy, Volume 2) - £2.99find out more
Witch King (The Cloven Land Trilogy, Volume 3) - £2.99find out more
The Cloven Land Trilogy Box Set - £5.49find out more

The Wrong Tom Jacks (The Genehunter, Case 1) - Free download | find out more
The Zombies of Death (The Genehunter, Case 2) - £0.79 | find out more
The Clone Who Didn't Know (The Genehunter, Case 3) - £0.79 | find out more
A Soldier of Megiddo (The Genehunter, Case 4) - £0.79 | find out more
Boneyard (The Genehunter, Case 5) - £0.79 | find out more
The Genehunter: The Complete Casebook - £2.49find out more

Spell Circles (fantasy short stories 1999-2011) - £1.49find out more
Eccentric Orbits (science fiction short stories 1999-2011) - £1.49find out more
Life Cycles (literary short stories 1999-2011) - £1.49find out more
Perfect Circles (Spell Circles + Eccentric Orbits + Life Cycles) - £3.99find out more
Other Worlds (fantasy and science fiction short stories) - £2.49 | find out more

We, the People of the Clouds (future Earth novella) - £0.79find out more
The Clockwork King (clockpunk fantasy novella) - £0.49find out more
Malware (technothriller short story) - £0.29find out more
Museum Beetles (fantasy short story) - £0.29 | find out more
Remembrance Day (science fiction short story) - £0.49 | find out more
Faces in the Shadows (three ghostly short stories) - £0.49find out more
Witching Hour (three witchy short stories) - £0.49find out more
Seek Alternative Route (a real world short story) - £0.29 | find out more

Other Free Downloads:

The Armageddon Machine (science fiction novella) - Free downloadfind out more
Slay Ride (a Christmas miscellany) - Free downloadfind out more
Future City Blues (tech noir collection) - Free download
Guitar Heroes (a fantasy short story) - Free download | find out more
Live from the Continuing Explosion (scifi short story) - Free download | find out more

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Recently Completed Novels:
The Clockwork War (Engn II) - 97,000 words, with publisher.
Godstar (galaxy-spanning SciFi) - 123,000 words, with agents.

Novel Work In Progress:
The Eye Collector (fantasy mystery/thriller) - 51,000 words written.
Dead Star (SciFi, God Star prequel) - 10,000 words written

Novels in planning:
New Vega City (SciFi).
The House of Broken Clocks (ghostly fantasy mystery) - 2,000 words written.
Playing Many Parts (literary) - 5,500 words written.
Tick Tock Machine (literary) - 3,600 words written.
Malware (SciFi/technothriller).