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Thanks for dropping by. Here be my books, my blog and a list of my publications.

Latest release:

The Clockwork King

When Siggurd is given a task to perform by the Wirfather, he knows he is being sent to his death in punishment for his sins. For the Wirfather instructs him to track down and capture the Clockwork King of Pirathia, the fabled silver and brass homunculus Borealis Banderwar.

It is an impossible task, but Siggurd has no choice but to try...

A fantasy novella set in the world of the three miraculous homunculi of Endest.

Also contains two bonus fantasy short stories: Threads and A Midwinter Sacrifice.

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Recently Completed Novels:
The Clockwork War (Engn II) - 97,000 words, with publisher.
Godstar (galaxy-spanning SciFi) - 123,000 words, with agents.

Novel Work In Progress ... although I'm mainly deciding which one to work on:
New Vega City (SciFi) - in planning.
The House of Broken Clocks (ghostly fantasy mystery) - 2,000 words written.
The Eye Collector (fantasy mystery/thriller) - 4,000 words written.
Playing Many Parts (literary) - 5,500 words written.
Tick Tock Machine (literary) - 3,600 words written.
Malware (SciFi/technothriller) - in planning.