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Free Books
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The Wrong Tom Jacks
The first Genehunter case. Simms is a genehunter, paid by megarich collectors to track down the DNA of the famous for their private zoos. He's employed to locate the genetic code of Tom Jacks. The job bugs Simms. Something about it is wrong. Someone is playing him. Problem is he doesn't know who or why...

"A terrific read"
"The writing is exceptional"

The Zombies of Death
The second Genehunter case. Simms begins to uncover the truth about Boneyard. Problem is that nearly gets him badly killed and now he has to walk a line between a bunch of religious fanatics and the GMA who want him to spy on them...

"could be the next SF indie hit"

Witching Hour
A collection of three fantasy short stories: The Standing Stones of ErelongA Sorcerous Mist and Slieau Whallian.

"Three marvelous tales of witches and magic"
"Simply magical"

Remembrance Day
A science fiction short story. Magnus is a broken-down veteran of the Basilisk war, running a bar on the Möbius Strip. Most of his customers are trying to forget their pasts. He spends his time trying to remember his...

"Wonderful ... everything you could possibly want from a sci-fi short"
"kept me riveted to the end"

Faces In The Shadows
A collection of three ghost stories: Her Long Hair Shining, The Wind Singing In The Wires and Her Pale Smile.

"Kewin is a master at imbuing the fantastic with characters the reader cares about"
"Will leave you haunted and wanting more"

The world changes one bright morning in spring. The ageing king of Angere turns to necromancy to prolong his existence - necromancy fuelled by the death of many others. The land descends into chaos as loyalties are tested and former friends become bitter foes...

A novella prequel to the Cloven Land fantasy trilogy.


  1. Almost finished... We need to confirm your email address. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.
    I would if I ever got the email. this is my 3rd try at submiting my email and getting no email in return

    1. Really sorry this isn't working for you. Like many writers, I use Mailchimp to handle these emails, so perhaps something has gone wrong at their end, or the email's been marked as spam. Or something. If you want to drop me an email I can send you the links for the freebie books if you like. My contact details are here.

  2. Loved your book We The People of the Clouds. Signed up for new releases. Have the same problem with Mail Chimp as 'Unknown" did on Feb 15 2016. Would love to be able to download the free Genehunter. Any suggestions? Can't email you because I don't use outlook and that is the only option this site allows.

    1. Hi - really sorry to hear you've been having trouble. I've made my email address visible above - if you contact me directly I can send you the books.


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