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Stormcrow Books

Stormcrow Books is the imprint under which all my independently-published novels, short stories and poems appear.

Stormcrow doesn't accept submissions. But if you're interested in getting your own eBook encoded, I'm a dab hand at converting documents from Microsoft Word etc. to Amazon Kindle or Smashwords format. Your can just save directly from your word processor - but you'll probably end up with unpredictable, weird formatting. Trust me, I've tried. I can avoid all those problems and give you a clean, well-formatted manuscript in ePub or mobi formats for you to upload. Get in touch if you're interested.

Interested in getting your own book edited or proofread? The editor I employ for my own independently-released work is Stephanie Lorée. To date, Steph has edited both The Genehunter, Hyrn, Hedge Witch and Wyrm Lord for me, and done a fantastic job. She comes highly recommended. Email her here.



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